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Thanks to Bob Ellis (www.rv-8.co.uk) for this information correct as of December 2010


For those who buy quadrant cables from Vans (CT Q-series) it maybe that you need a custom cable and Vans do this (CT Q-CUSTOM) with about a three week turn around.  When you see the label on the cable a code will look like "184VTT2-60". This is a Cablecraft code and the cable is made by Tuthill in the States and the code means:


184 - Low Friction push pull cable all Stainless Steel fittings

V - Very light duty (80 lbs push & 120 lbs pull force)

TT - Threaded at each end and bulkhead fitting at each end

2 - 2 inches travel

60 - 60 inch total length


The cable has a green coating and this is for use in temperature range -65F to 310F as the area this cable is being used is near exhausts I have been advised to use heat reflective sleeve and plan to fit this from Thermal Velocity .


Thanks to Andy Hill I have found that you can get a same spec cable made in the UK for about the same price (when you take into account $/ and taxes) and they have a 24-48 hour turn around.


The company is Cable-Tec  and the contact is Andrew on 0151 355 0004. Until recently the company was an authorised Cablecraft assembler but Cablecraft are pulling out of the UK. However they are an authorised Felsted assembler (series 3 - click image) and they now use the same Cablecraft codes and have comparable plastic coatings.  So if you wish to order a cable from them quote the following :


"184VTTSS2-XX" where XX is required total length and SS = SAE fittings (not metric) and add " all dimensions are inches and cover with Gloss Black HEFT-2 plastic"



Brake Slave Cylinder Seals


Wheel brake slave cylinders are straight forward devices with only one large O-ring around the piston. If the brake pads wear down too far it is possible to let brake fluid leak out which can result in some damage to the O-ring. Order an MS28775-218 O-ring as a replacement (which is also Piper part 484-792).