The RV Squadron


The RV Squadron is an informal organisation that aims to keep RV builders, owners and pilots in the UK in touch with each other. The RV Squadron exists as a Yahoo email group only, that way there is no formal organisation to support, there are no subs to pay, no accounts to keep, no officers to elect and no other unnecessary overheads. It saves all the bureaucracy and allows everyone to get on with the business of building and flying RVs and exchanging RV related thoughts. Therefore The RV Squadron is free to ‘join’ for anyone who has an interest in RV aircraft, where ever they may live. The main communication medium is through the Yahoo email group. There are two RV builders on the LAA committee (Harry Hopkins and Mike Barnard) to ensure our voice can be heard whenever necessary.


This is the location of the RV Sqn Yahoo Group



Each year a group of RV pilots organises a UK RV Fly-in at North Weald in August – see Ian Corse’s site for details.


There is also an RV formation flying school, which is an off-shoot of The RV Squadron. The school meets once a month at North Weald to provide instruction in formation flying for RV pilots, see Formation Flying


Ian Corse has created an excellent web site with a great deal of information for UK builders & pilots


Tim Richardson has also created a web based forum that some prefer to the Yahoo Group


We have tried to encourage a weekly fly-out for Sunday lunch to various airfields around the UK, see Sunday Lunch however this has not been very well supported of late


During the 1990s the Squadron published a newsletter – all of the back issues are on the Files page of the Yahoo Group,